Ramón Telmo Cartes, the eldest of five siblings, was born on May 5, 1919, the son of Ramón T. Cartes and Sarah Victoria Lind. He was educated at the International School in Asuncion and developed a keen interest in aviation and technology.

He had to work at an early age and his first job was as a movie projectionist while studying electronics. He was usually so focused on his reading that the public would shout out because he hadn’t changed the reels. He was self taught, but he specialized in Posadas, Argentina, where he and his family were political refugees. His father was a great political activist and this forced him to take charge of his mother and siblings. He manufactured radio transmitters; his main clients were ranchers who needed to communicate with their ranches in outlying areas.

He became a pilot in the Paraguayan Flying Club before he was 20 years old, assigned flying license number 41 – becoming the 41st licensed pilot in Paraguay. His first job as a pilot was flying for the Fassardi family and later he worked as an air taxi pilot. From those experiences his devotion to aviation was well established.

In 1958, he became the representative for the Cessna Aircraft Company in Paraguay, thus beginning a long history of success in Paraguayan aviation.

His aviation legacy was his obsession with in-flight safety, the philosophy he used while teaching generations of professionals. Anyone who knew him well, and especially his family, most remember the trajectory of a man who taught honesty and austerity as a way of life.

Ramon T. Cartes Foundation

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