The Ramón T. Cartes Foundation was established in 2008 by the Cartes Jara family to assist economically-disadvantaged individuals with basic educational, health and employment needs. In the initial phase the Foundation established the Arambe Educational Center designed for the targeted population emphasizing human values and academic excellence. Arambe, as it is known, has been completely operative since March 2009.

The motivating force behind the Foundation was the spirit and work ethic of Mr. Ramón T. Cartes Lind, who in 20th century Asunción was a private-sector leader and noteworthy for his efforts in educating and training individuals to become self-sufficiente and responsible citizens.

Link with the Astoreca Foundation of Santiago, Chile

The link between the Astoreca Foundation, which is basically an educational entity, and the Ramón T. Cartes Foundation was established by Mr. Francisco Cuadra, an adviser to the Cartes Group.

The Astoreca Foundation chose to use the Matte Method in their schools -- it involves an educational method specially designed to develop reading and writing skills in an efficient and accelerated manner in children and is especially effective with children living in vulnerable economic situations.

In Paraguay, the Ramón T. Cartes Foundation launched Arambe and prepared its project with the aim to improve educational conditions for children similar to the students being served by Astoreca in Chile.

Mr. Cuadra was acquainted with the work of Ximena Torres, the Director of San Joaquin School of the Astoreca Foundation. Mr. Cuadra saw the importance and possibility of having these two Foundations working together by providing a support network during the initial phase of setting up a new school. This is how the Foundation and Arambe´s General Director decided they too should utilize the Matte Method.

Thanks to the link between these two organizations, many Paraguayan children today are being educated in a program known for its excellence, enhancing their own, as well as their families’ potential for development.

Ramon T. Cartes Foundation

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